Social Media

Social Media

There’s just no beating Facebook when it comes to driving traffic to your website.  According to Statista and Shareaholic, the world’s largest social network directed over 10% of traffic to websites in September 2013.

Coming in second place was Pinterest, followed by Twitter.

If you in business you need a Facebook page, that’s a must.  However, depending on your business I would also recommend a Pinterest page.  This is particularly useful if you are selling products rather than a service.  

A Twitter page is also useful as it can be set up to tweet a link to every post/page you create on your website.



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I have been designing websites since 1997. I started with html but have now been converted to WordPress due to its versatility and ease of use. WordPress gives you the power to add content to your website at the click of a button rather than the time and expense of employing someone to do it for you.

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