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How much does it cost to hire someone to build a website?

Website design packages start from $1,950 but it depends on the amount of time that is required to design and develop the website.

What happens if I decide to get a new website?

Wagga Web Design will contact you and go through the design process. The process starts with determining your requirements from the website. Once this has been determined we will give you a list of example websites for you to have a look at to choose your favourite website style.  We will then ask you to provide all the content and images that you would like added to the website and then create a draft website.

How do I update the website?

Wagga Web Design show you how to update the website yourself but if you want us to do it for you we will at an affordable hourly rate.

Do I need to buy a domain name?

You can buy the domain name yourself or we can buy the domain name for you with your contact details and invoice you.  You will own the domain name and receive the renewal emails.

What if I already have a domain name?

Wagga Web Design will point the domain name to the new website once it is live.

How long will it take for the website to go live?

It typically takes 2-3 weeks before the website goes live but it can be quicker if you provide all the content and images.

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