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SEO has two different sides, on-site and off-site and neither can be a complete success without the other.  On-site means you must optimize each page of your website for a particular keyword combination that you think (or know) your customers are searching for.

Sometimes these keywords are obvious but often longer more obscure phrases result in conversions or sales.

Off-site means that you must try and build up links to your web pages that don’t all have the same anchor text.  These links become more important if they are on web pages with similar subjects to yours and even more important if the author is thought to be an authority or expert in the field.

My Services

I can help you with both on-site and off-site SEO.  This will involve keyword research and changing the content of the website to suit the findings.  I can also help you find websites that will allow links to your website.  This can be a simple link or you can write guest posts for relevant blogs etc.

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I have been designing websites since 1997. I started with html but have now been converted to WordPress due to its versatility and ease of use. WordPress gives you the power to add content to your website at the click of a button rather than the time and expense of employing someone to do it for you.

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