How we perceive fonts

20 Feb 2015, Posted by Wagga Web Design in Fonts

Fonts are usually used in company logos. Which font you choose can affect how your potential customers perceive you. This post gives a quick summary of the different styles that are usually used.


Serif fonts have a certain distinguished feeling of heritage and pedigree. They can make a brand feel respectable and reliable whilst instilling the audience with a sense of comfort that they’re in the hands of someone who is reputable, experienced and stable. However it can also be detrimental if the customer thinks you are old fashioned and set in your ways.


Usually audiences perceive sans serif fonts as being modern, clean and simplistic. Sans serif fonts are often used in digital design and state of the art products, so they are perceived as being contemporary and up to date.


Script fonts tend to inspire feelings of elegance, grace and femininity. Handwriting is often used in expressions of affection, so readers can perceive script fonts as being personal, creative and genuine.


Display fonts are generally displayed at a large size (at least 14 pts.), they tend to have big personalities in order to draw an audience. Display fonts have to be a little on the loud side, so they’re often designed to be friendly or amusing and grab people’s curiosity.


Viewers tend to find modern fonts look progressive, stylish and, well cool. They can look anything from strong to futuristic and even intelligent.


Decorative fonts are highly stylized and look out of the ordinary.  Consequently they tend to bring fun and joy into a design and relax audiences with an informal atmosphere.

I hope this post has given you some ideas regarding font styles.

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