54% of Instagram Users Have Bought A Product After Viewing it on Instagram

27 Apr 2019, Posted by Wagga Web Design in Instagram, News
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Thinking of using Instagram in your marketing?

A study commissioned by Facebook of 21,000 regular Instagram users looked at how they interrelate with brands and the effect it has on the brands’ sales.

The two-part study within 13 countries established that 66% of people use Instagram as they can engage with brands directly.

That engagement is driving brands’ sales as 54% of the people taking part in the survey said they’ve purchased a product straight after seeing the product on Instagram.

Additionally, 87% of the survey respondents said they took some kind of action related to the product after seeing the product on Instagram, which could result in sales later on.

“Research shows that people use Instagram throughout every step of the shopping journey, and each of these moments offer an opportunity for you to move people through the funnel.”

53% of the people surveyed say the content from the brands that they follow is good enough that they would keep following the brand for the content alone.

What kind of brand content do Instagram users like?

The majority of Instagram users said that they preferred authentic content over images that are just beautifully produced.

“so don’t overthink your creative or aim for perfection, just be sure your content will capture and keep your audience’s attention.”

To take advantage of this preference, Instagram says that your ads should look authentic. Try to make them look like a story.

The story ads should be short, interesting, professional but authentic.


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