August 2018

People don’t like surprises

02 Aug 2018, Posted by Wagga Web Design in Search

Today people can – and do – prepare for every aspect of any experience, big or small. Whether they’re taking a vacation across the globe or dining at a neighbourhood café, people have a low tolerance for surprises.

Google analyzed search trends and spoke to consumers, identifying three motives that drive them to know before they go.

What could they experience?

At the initial stage of research people look to see what the venue/product or service may offer.

Build up their confidence before going somewhere new.

People feel a need to prepare for every detail of their experience – from exploring maps to confirming business hours.

Know exactly what it will cost them.

Nobody likes to be surprised by an unexpected expense. People want to account for every penny up front.

What this means for marketers.

Understand your customers intent

Whether it’s to get excited, build confidence, or save their money, people are using internet searches to shape and validate the decisions they make. Marketers need to determine the reasons behind people’s searches and adapt their websites to suit the need.

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